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My Birth Philosophy

Birth is beautiful and transformative. Birth can allow you to be seen, to be heard, to be known in a deeper way. And the beauty of this is that birth is yours. What you need will be radically different than what your sister or mother or neighbor needed. What you want will be deeply ingrained in your values, in who you are. Birth allows space for those highly individualized parts of you to be nurtured. A doula's job is not to enforce judgements on that birth, but instead to walk alongside you as you discover what that looks like for you. For some that looks like processing the emotional weight of birth. For others that looks like physical support with massage and hip squeezes. Birth support is not a one-size fits all approach. 

There is no right way to birth, and there is no wrong way to birth. Your intuitive, your values, they lead the way, and a doula's job is to merely remind you of the strength that you already carry inside; a witness to the power that allows you to say at the end of it, "I did it".    

My goal with birth support is to have genuine nonjudgemental support for whatever birth you believe will best support you and your growing family. All are welcomed + invited here. 

Meet the Doula

Hi, I'm Emily. 


I am a birth doula, photographer, and midwife’s assistant in Birmingham. My interest in birth began in middle school, but during college I began exploring other options and found myself torn between pursuing a career in either midwifery or counseling. To see if birth was still a passion of mine, I attended a doula training and began working with a local nonprofit. While witnessing the impact that empowered births can have and the lack of true patient centered care that my clients were receiving, I realized the importance of doula work and felt a sense of true belonging and

emily doula.jpg

peace in this role. In addition to my certification as a birth doula in 2021 (DONA), I completed a postpartum doula training in 2023 (CBI) and began my work as a birth photographer and birth assistant shortly after. I am also still working with the local nonprofit as contract doula and community outreach coordinator.


When I'm not in birthing spaces, you can find me writing at coffee shops, laying outside reading,  trying to figure out how to be a potter, planning my next trip (that may or may not ever happen), or just running around Birmingham with my people. 

Certifications + Qualifications:

- Birth Doula Certification (DONA International)

- Postpartum Doula Training (CBI) 

- Tricare East Provider Certification 


- CPR/Basic Life Support Training 

-Trained Birth Assistant

- Over 200 hours of Birth Experience 

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