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Labor + Birth Doula Support


By hiring a labor and birth doula, you are hiring continuous support prior to labor, during labor, as well as follow up care. This starts with two prenatal visits as well as availability by phone, email, and text to help you make informed decisions about what you want your birth to look like, and how to make that happen. Next, you are provided with continuous support during labor and birth. This includes advocacy and support while making decisions while in labor as well as physical support through massage, positional changes, presenting different options to relieve and cope with pain. After labor and birth, this also includes two postpartum visits to continue support and provide additional resources if needed. No mama or partner should feel alone!

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A la Carte Services

For mamas and partners who just need a little help prepping for birth

Hand on Bump

Prenatal Mindfulness Consultation

$30 / one hour

Preparing for birth can be just as much of a mental game as it is physical preparation. In this consultation, we will practice mindfulness, stillness, and affirmations in order to help you (and your partner) prepare mentally for birth to help create a positive and empowered mindset.

Hourly Postpartum Support

$20 per hour (day) / $25 per hour (night)

Adjusting to life with a newborn can be a blissful time, but it can also be hard! As your hormones regulate and you adjust to less sleep than usual, things can feel overwhelming. This is normal! However, you don't have to do it alone. With this service, I will help support your family by clearing the way so you can adjust to the new normal. Overnight and day service is available!

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Birth Plan Consultation

$50 / two hours

Thinking about your birth can be overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you need to decide? What are the actual benefits of different birth decisions? In this consultation, we will talk through these different options to ensure you can make informed decisions about that birth that you want!

Prenatal Physical Body Preparation

$30 / one hour

When it comes to childbirth, a woman's body instinctively knows what to do. Just as your body grows a placenta without anybody telling it to, you are created to birth. However, this consultation goes through some great stretches and techniques to help your body be prepared and get ready for the intensive work that labor and birth is.

Hand on Bump
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